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Any natural person (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) visiting the web site at the following URL address: (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) represents having taken cognizance of the following terms and conditions beforehand and having accepted them in their entirety and without any reservations.


1.1. Site Publisher

Lmt Avocats, a law partnership (hereinafter referred to as the “Law Firm”), 5 rue Beaujon, F-75008 Paris, France, Tel.: +33 (0)1 53 81 53 00, Fax: +33(0)1 53 81 53 30. Responsible Publisher: Mr Jean-Yves Foucard

1.2. Site Creator

Aditel Sarl, unique identifier 405 143 751, Paris Trade Register
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1.3. Site Host

Aditel Sarl, unique identifier 405 143 751, Paris Trade Register
4 rue Caroline, F-75017 Paris, Tel.: +33(0)1 44 70 02 77



2.1. User data and right of privacy

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as modified by the French Act no. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, the personal data on each User (including e-mail address and IP address) liable to be collected on the Site shall only be stored and used by the Law Firm for the purpose of communicating with the User (e-mail address) and monitoring the Site's good working order and/or ensuring its security (IP address).

Personal User data shall not be either assigned, transferred, or leased to third parties within or without the European Union.

Each User whose personal data are collected or processed by the Law Firm through the Site has a right of access, opposition, and rectification of the data concerning them. Each User may demand that the information concerning them be rectified, completed, updated, or deleted by contacting the Law Firm by post at the following address: 5 rue Beaujon, F-75008 Paris. The Law Firm undertakes to make its best efforts in accordance with current practices to protect Users' personal data, particularly in order to prevent them from being altered, corrupted, or communicated to unauthorised third parties.

2.2. CNIL declaration

The processing of personal data for the purpose of exploiting the Site has been declared with the French Commission set up by the French Data Protection Act (CNIL) and registered under the number XXX.

2.3. Cookies

The Site may send cookies relating to the way the Site was browsed from the computer used by the User, whereby the User's anonymity is guaranteed. The User represents being fully aware of this practice and may disable cookies by modifying the parameters or options of their browser.


The Law Firm is the holder of all intellectual property rights associated with the Site and of all computing or graphic elements such as, without limitation, text, photos, illustrations, multimedia works, keyword cloud, database, computer code, etc. throughout the world and for the whole duration of copyright. The trademark “Lmt Avocats” is registered with the French National Industrial Property Institute (INPI).

Any utilisation or reproduction in all or part, for a consideration or not, of the Site or any one of its elements protected under intellectual property law is strictly forbidden without the prior express and written consent of the Law Firm and subject to the following paragraph:

The User is only authorised to display one or several pages of the Site or any of its elements protected under intellectual property law temporarily and on their own computer for the sole purpose of facilitating the access thereto.

The User may also download or reproduce, even durably and on all media, any publications such as newsletters, brochures, or information leaflets specially identified for that purpose (notably when they are available in .pdf format or pinpointed as printable), subject to such reproduction or display being for strictly personal and non-commercial use. In any case, the User may not distribute downloaded or printed material to third parties. In order to respect the Law Firm's moral rights, any short quote from any element whatsoever from the Site that is protected under intellectual property law must imperatively be accompanied by the following indication: “extracted from Lmt Avocats' web site” along with the document's title and the name of its author where applicable.

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4.1. Disclaimer

The Law Firm may not be held liable for the utilisation by the User of the information, data, and publications contained on and/or downloadable from the Site. Such information, data, and publications may not in any case amount to a legal opinion and are given for information purposes only and without limitation. The Law Firm may not in any case be held liable for any direct, remote, immaterial, or consequential damage of any kind whatsoever arising from an impossibility to use or access the Site or from the utilisation by the User of the information, data, or publications contained thereon.

4.2. Incoming hypertext links

No hypertext links to the Site (or to any one page thereof) may be set up by a User (or any other third party) without the Law Firm's prior express and written consent. In any case, setting up such hypertext links is strictly forbidden for any sites publishing information of a racist, pornographic, or xenophobic nature. Authorised hypertext links may only point to the Law Firm's Site by indicating its URL address (; the direct incorporation of any elements of the Site into the pages of the web site pointing to the Site (such as through framing) and the use of any deep linking technique is prohibited. Any web site whose link to the Site has been authorised by the Law Firm may only use such link for professional or information purposes (to the exclusion of any commercial or advertising activity). Subject to the Law Firm's prior express consent, the pointer representing the hypertext link on the web site pointing to the Site may reproduce the Law Firm's logo.

4.3. Outgoing hypertext links

Web sites accessible from the Site by way of a hypertext link are independent from the Site and the Law Firm. Consequently, the information, data, and publications accessible from, displayed on, or downloadable from such third-party web sites are the sole responsibility of their authors and/or publishers. Therefore, the Law Firm may not in any case be held liable for the information, data, and publications reproduced or published on such third-party web sites.
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